International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Translation

Volume 1, Issue 3, August 2015

  • The Arabic Origins of English and Indo-European "Legal Terms": A Radical Linguistic Theory Approach

    Zaidan Ali Jassem

    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, August 2015
    Pages: 35-49
    Received: 8 June 2015
    Accepted: 24 June 2015
    Published: 1 July 2015
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijalt.20150103.11
    Abstract: This paper aims to trace the Arabic origins of English, German, French, Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit "legal terms" from a radical linguistic (or lexical root) theory perspective. The data comprises 150 such terms like allow, barrister, criminal/juvenile court, law, legal, Lord Chancellor, judge, justice, fair, penal/disciplinary code, permit, prosecu... Show More
  • Migration from Innocence to Experience in William Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey" and Sohrab Sepehri's "Water's Footsteps"

    Masoud Shahnazari

    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, August 2015
    Pages: 50-54
    Received: 24 July 2015
    Accepted: 6 August 2015
    Published: 7 August 2015
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijalt.20150103.12
    Abstract: William Wordsworth, English poet of the 19th century, and Sohrab Sepehri, contemporary Persian poet, would definitely belong to two diverse ages, cultures and traditions. In the case of poetry, notwithstanding all of their discrepancies in discourse, they have worked on a quasi-framework. In this study, Sepehri's "Water's Footsteps" – /SedAye PAye ... Show More