International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Translation

Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2018

  • A Study of Subtitle Translation from the Perspective of Skopos Theory: Youth Film as a Case Study

    Lyu Liangqiu, Wang Donghui

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2018
    Pages: 26-30
    Received: 7 May 2018
    Accepted: 3 July 2018
    Published: 26 July 2018
    Abstract: With the increasing influence of movies in the world, subtitle translation plays an indispensable role in appreciating them. Based on the theoretical framework of skopos theory, this article uses the subtitles of the film “Youth” and their translations as the corpus. The goal is to maximize the audience’s understanding of the source film lines. It ... Show More
  • Translation Equivalences of Islamic Terms in the Novel (The Land of Five Towers ‘Negeri Lima Menara’)

    Erlina Zulkifli Mahmud, Bima Bayusena, Ratna Erika Mawarrani

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2018
    Pages: 31-39
    Received: 22 July 2018
    Accepted: 29 August 2018
    Published: 27 September 2018
    Abstract: The occurrence of Islamic terms in the novel Negeri Lima Menara ‘The Land of Five Towers’ is related to its theme; the life in a pesantren, an Islamic Boarding School. How students there perform their obligation in their daily lives as Moslems and how they give their best effort to pass all the subjects, all involve terms related to Islam. The Isla... Show More
  • The Exploratory Study on Thinking Path Schema of English Translation for Chinese Classics --- Exemplified by the Analects in English Versions

    Xiaojuan Peng

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2018
    Pages: 40-45
    Received: 21 August 2018
    Accepted: 26 September 2018
    Published: 19 October 2018
    Abstract: In view of the deficiency of holistic study on English translation of Chinese classics and the present holistic study covering a too wide range, it’s few to discuss the integral thinking path schema of English Translation for Chinese Classics. Here, it’s necessary to carry out thinking path schema study of English translation for Chinese Classics i... Show More